Keeping the French, One Book at a Time
About 300,000 French immigrants live in the US. They come for work, or for love. Like most immigrants, they have to carve out a space for themselves in their new culture, while trying to hold onto their 'Frenchness', whatever that means to them--whether it's speaking French at home, eating Camembert cheese, or spending time with other French people.

The Bibliotheque Orange is one way that French expatriates all over the world can keep their cultural ties. It's a book club that offers access to a rotating library of French books to members from Paris to Warsaw to Osaka to Cassablanca.

This piece visits with the members of the New York City and Santa Monica, CA, chapters of the Bibliotheque Orange, and looks into what it means to be French in the US.

This aired April 11, 2006, on Prime Time Postscript.

Producer: Sarah Elzas
Recorded in New York, NY, and Santa Monica, CA