Radio/Sound links

AIR, the Association of Independents in Radio
(click here to become a member)

Big Shed podcast

Chris Roose's Transient Audio

Evan Roberts' Audioheirlooms

Gregory Warner in Afghanistan

John Basile's Earshot Radio

Jonathan Mitchell's Earcrack

PRX, the Public Radio Exchange

Radio Pie audio collective

Salt, where you can learn to make great radio (in Maine)

StoryCorps DIY oral histories

Transom to listen to and make your own radio

Other links

Alanna is writing a fantasy novel

Albert-Emile Elzas takes photos (and made me)

Amie Margoles plays horn in New York

Anita and Jim in Washington State

Becca Wender is a dancer and acupressure practitioner

Hector Ceballos makes movies

Juliana Douglas makes websites

Lisa Pham is a writer

Mike runs a dog walking service in New York

Nile and Matt in Seattle

Nissim Schaul writes music

Takashi's restaraunt in Fukuoka, Japan

If you'd like to be linked let me know.