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Gay parents in France:
on the fringes of the law
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[Part 2]
Thousands of children in France are being raised by gay couples, though it is difficult to pin down an exact number: estimates range from 200,000 to 15,000 kids. Many of them are adopted. Part one of this two-part series looks at same-sex couples who adopted chuild, something that is not legal in France (only heterosexual couples or single people can adopt). But adotion is not the most frequent way of forming a same-sex family. Most children of homosexual couples are conceived through artificial insemination, and some through surrogate mothers, both of which are not entirely legal in France. In part two, meet some families that have been formed by pushing the boundaries of bioethics laws.

Produced for RFI and aired January 14 (Part 1) and 21 (Part 2), 2010.

Producer: Sarah Elzas
Recorded in Paris and Normandy, France

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